Discover the healing benefits of Edelweiss! With three lines of face care and one body care line inspired by the mountains, Pure Altitude offers your skin active natural ingredients that are rare and a true concentrate of efficacy straight from the mountains. 

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global anti-âge aux cellules souches d'edelweiss

Fundamental Innovation

Pure Altitude's anti-ageing expertise at its peak, ALP-CELLS REPAIR finds its inspiration in the extraordinary survival mechanisms developed by mountain plants.

Exceptional global anti-ageing answer

Its triple-patented formula, created using fundamental research on plant stem cells, offers an amazing solution to combat the signs of premature skin ageing: wrinkles, loss of radiance, firmness and hydration.

Using plant stem cells

The stem cells possess the extraordinary ability to renew themselves endlessly and play a vital role in skin regeneration. By combining stem cells from Edelweiss and the Alpine rose with Snow Algae, an extremophile alga that survives at high altitude, skin cells are activated at their core, boosting cellular renewal. Enriched with hyaluronic acid for its anti-ageing properties and organic silica to boost collagen synthesis, ALP-CELLS REPAIR is a true global anti-ageing product. 


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